Forecasting your PLM project costs

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There are many PLM solutions available. Some vendors will require an extensive hardware, software and services investment; others are more sensitive to a limited budget, and will try to work with existing hardware, low-cost (or free) databases, and minimize the use of consultants.

This list suggests some possible expenses to explore:

  • Staff time to research & evaluate alternatives

  • Software solution costs

    • per-user or concurrent-use client licenses

    • per-CPU (or other) application license

    • database license

    • special administrator licenses

    • annual maintenance, support, upgrades

  • Hardware costs

    • workstations

    • application and/or database servers

    • backup devices

  • Special file viewers

  • Downstream ERP file import or integration

  • Network & bandwidth costs

  • Deployment costs

    • Consulting services for process reengineering and application configuration

    • Legacy data import and migration

    • Pilot (proof of concept)

    • Production deployment

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