MIL-HDBK-61A: Scope

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1.3.1 Government and Contractor Roles in the CM Process

The CM process is applicable both to development of new systems and items and to modifications of existing systems and items. A typical distribution of CM-related roles is shown in Table 1-1; italicized responsibilities are not primarily configuration management activity but are included for continuity.

Applies to Development of New Systems and to Modifications of Existing Systems
Government Contractor(s) or Government Performing Activities
  • Solicits concept (Systems Engineering) studies. May participate on Integrated Product Team (IPT)
  • Specifies desired performance attributes for a system/CI
  • Selects Contractor or approves engineering change proposal or modification request
  • Approves and baselines top level performance configuration documentation (specifications) and acts as current document control authority (CDCA) for those performance specifications and configuration control authority for the System/CI

  • Monitors contractor CM process via:

    • IPT participation

    • Metrics

    • Performance reviews

  • Baselines selected product performance configuration documentation after verifying (e.g. FCA) that performance requirements have been achieved

  • Continues as CDCA for selected performance configuration documentation; may become CDCA for other documentation as contractually established

  • Consistent with support approach for selected CIs, baselines selected product (design) configuration documentation after verifying (e.g. at a PCA for the CI) that the design documentation matches the delivered configuration.

  • Continues as configuration control authority for the System/CI during its life as a Government asset and CDCA for selected performance and design documentation, as contractually established.

  • Similar cycle repeats for modifications

  • Performs system engineering studies. Determines alternative system approaches

  • Proposes Items or Design Solution
  • Prepares and submits performance specification for approval. May participate with Government on IPT.

  • Initiates development. Incrementally baselines design solution and acts as current document control authority (CDCA) for released configuration documentation, e.g. performance and detail specifications (below the level controlled by the Government), engineering drawings, engineering models, etc. for which another Government activity or commercial organization is not already the CDCA)

  • Baselines product (design) configuration documentation after verifying performance attributes and consistency between item and configuration documentation. (FCA & PCA)

  • Continues as CDCA for configuration documentation which it does not transition to the Government

  • Similar cycle repeats for modifications

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