PLM-related acronyms


We encourage readers to offer additional PLM-related words, technical terms and phrases. Please direct your acronym submission via the Contact us page.

ABCL: As-Built Configuration List

ABL: Allocated Baseline

ACMS: Automated Configuration Management System

BOM: Bill of Material

CAD: Computer-Aided Design (or Drafting)

CAE: Computer-Aided Engineering

CALS: Continuous Acquisition and Life-Cycle Support

CAM: Computer-Aided Manufacturing

CCB: Change (or Configuration) Control Board

CDLS: Configuration Data List

CITIS: Contractor Integrated Technical Information Service

CI: Configuration Item

CM: Configuration Management

DHR: Device History Record

DID: Data Item Description

DM: Data Management

DMR: Device Master Record

ECN: Engineering (or Enterprise) Change Notice

ECO: Engineering Change Order

ECP: Engineering (or Enterprise) Change Proposal

ECR: Engineering (or Enterprise) Change Request

EDMS: Engineering (or Enterprise) Data Management System

ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning

ERR: Engineering Release Record

FAA: Federal Aviation Administration

FBL: Functional Baseline

FDA: Food and Drug Administration

FFF: Form-Fit-Function

GMP: Good Manufacturing Practice

ICD: Interface Control Document

ICN: Installation Completion Notification

MCO: Manufacturing Change Order

MRP: Manufacturing Resource (or Requirements) Planning

NOR: Notice of Revision

PCMPD: Proposed Critical Manufacturing Process Description

PBL: Product Baseline

PDM: Product Data Management

PDX: Product Data eXchange

PLM: Product Lifecycle Management

PR: Problem Report

QA: Quality Assurance

RFC: Request for Change

RFD: Request for Deviation

SCM: Supply Chain Management

SCN: Specification Change Notice

SER: Service Engineering Report

TD: Technical Directive

WBS: Work Breakdown Structure

WO: Work Order