Selected CM military standards

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The U.S. Department of Defense expended a huge effort in establishing the product configuration management discipline and supporting standards. The foundation of product lifecycle management can be traced to many of these historical standards.

You may find these documents useful for designing your own PLM system. However, you should keep in mind that many of these were authored decades ago, and include concepts that may be irrelevant in a modern computer-based PLM system.

We have also included a selection of design-related standards for assisting in your product development.

File downloads on this page are provided as a convenient starting point. You are solely responsible for ensuring that you conform to contractual requirements affecting your organization. Many of these are obsolete and have been out of print for many years. In some cases they have been obtained from archival sources other than the issuing body; no guarantee can be given that these represent the actual documents as originally issued. You will need Adobe Reader to view most of these documents.

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Identifier Title Download
DI-CMAN-80463C "Engineering Release Record (ERR)", 30 September 2000. Free download
DI-CMAN-80556A "Configuration Audit Plan", 17 April 1992 (superseded by DI-SESS-81646). Free download
DI-CMAN-80639C "Engineering Change Proposal (ECP)", 30 September 2000. Free download
DI-CMAN-80640C "Request for Deviation (RFD)", 30 September 2000. Free download
DI-CMAN-80642B "Notice of Revision (NOR)", 13 January 1995. Free download
DI-CMAN-80643C "Specification Change Notice (SCN)", 30 September 2000. Free download
DI-CMAN-80792A "Validation Report", 21 June 1991. Free download
DI-CMAN-80858B "Contractor's Configuration Management Plan", 30 September 2000. Free download
DI-CMAN-80874 "Configuration Data Lists (CDLS)", 30 June 1989. Free download
DI-CMAN-81012A "Proposed Critical Manufacturing Process Description (PCMPD)", 21 May 1997. Free download
DI-CMAN-81022C "Configuration Audit Summary Report", 30 September 2000. Free download
DI-CMAN-81245A "Installation Completion Notification (ICN)", 30 September 2000. Free download
DI-CMAN-81248A "Interface Control Document (ICD)", 30 September 2000. Free download
DI-CMAN-81253A "Configuration Status Accounting Information", 30 September 2000. Free download
DI-CMAN-81254A "Request for Nomenclature (DD Form 61)", 8 October 1997. Free download
DI-CMAN-81269A "Technical Directive (TD)", 27 July 1994. Free download
DI-CMAN-81293 "Configuration Item (CI) Documentation Recommendation", 11 July 1992. Free download
DI-CMAN-81516 "As Built Configuration List (ABCL)", 15 July 1996. Free download
DI-CMAN-81553 "Product/Asset Configuration Data Information Packet", 30 June 1997. Free download
DI-CMAN-81554 "Configuration Change Control Data Information Packet", 30 June 1997. Free download
DI-CMAN-81555 "Configuration Management Action Item Status Data Information Packet", 30 June 1997. Free download
DI-CMAN-81588A "Configuration Management Data Interface Transactions Data Information Packets (DIPs)", 13 February 2001. Free download
DI-CMAN-81590 "Request for Deviation (RFD) - Army Materiel Command (AMC)", 5 October 2000. Free download
DI-IPSC-81431 "System/Subsystem Specification (SSS)", 5 December 1994. Free download
DI-IPSC-81432 "System/Subsystem Design Description (SSDD)", 5 December 1994. Free download
DI-MISC-81384 "Service Engineering Report (SER)", 9 March 1994. Free download
DI-MISC-81481 "Configuration Marriage Record", 31 July 1995. Free download
DI-QCIC-81009 "Technical Data Package Quality Control Program Plan", 11 September 1989. Free download
DI-QCIC-81013 "Technical Data Package Validation Report", 11 September 1989. Free download
DI-SESS-81646 "Configuration Audit Plan", 16 June 2004. Free download
DoD 5010.12-M "Procedures for the Acquisition and Management of Technical Data", May 1993. Free download
DoD 5200.1-M "Acquisition System Protection Program", March 1994. Free download
DOD-D-1000B "Drawing, Engineering and Associated Lists, 28 Oct 1977 with Amendment 4", 18 August 1987. Download 1000B and Amendment 4
DOD-STD-100D "Engineering Drawing Practices", 3 April 1987 (superseded by MIL-STD-100). Free download
DOD-STD-1700 "Data Management Program", 15 May 1986. Free download
DOD-STD-2167A "Defense System Software Development", 29 February 1988 (superseded by MIL-STD-498). Free download
MIL-DTL-31000C "Detail Specification: Technical Data Packages", 9 July 2004. (superseded by MIL-STD-31000) Free download
MIL-HDBK-59B "Continuous Acquisition and Life-Cycle (CALS) Support Implementation Guide", 10 June 1994. Free download
MIL-HDBK-61A "Configuration Management", 7 February 2001. Free download (Principal text online)
MIL-HDBK-61B "Configuration Management" (Draft 2002). Free download
MIL-HDBK-288B "Review and Acceptance of Engineering Drawing Packages", 14 January 1991. Free download
MIL-HDBK-505 "Definition of Item Levels, Item Exchangeability, Models and Related Terms", 12 February 1998. Free download
MIL-HDBK-780D "Standard Microcircuit Drawings", 28 May 2004. Free download
MIL-HDBK-800 "Documentation Streamlining", 30 May 1989. Free download
MIL-HDBK-881 "Work Breakdown Structure", 2 January 1998. Free download
MIL-HDBK-1812 "Type Designation, Assignment and Method for Obtaining", 14 February 1997. Free download
MIL-HDBK-5961A "List of Standard Semiconductor Devices", 5 November 1999. Free download
MIL-M-9868E "Microfilming of Engineering Data, 35mm, Requirements for", 1 June 1995. Free download
MIL-PRF-5480G "Data, Engineering & Technical: Reproduction", 1 July 1998. Free download
MIL-PRF-28000B "Digital Representation For Communication Of Product Data: IGES Application Subsets And IGES Application Protocols", 30 September 1999. Free download
MIL-PRF-28001C "Markup Requirements and Generic Style Specification for Exchange of Text and Its Presentation", 2 May 1997. Free download
MIL-PRF-28002C "Raster Graphics Representation in Binary Format, Requirements for", 30 September 1997. Free download
MIL-PRF-32029 "Performance Specification, Automated Configuration Management System (ACMS)", 30 June 1998. Download 32029 and Amendment 1
MIL-STD-12D "Abbreviations for Use on Drawings, and in Specifications, Standards and Technical Documents", 29 May 1981. Free download
MIL-STD-100F "Engineering Drawing Practices", 9 September 1996. Free download
MIL-STD-100G "Engineering Drawing Practices", 9 June 1997. Free download
MIL-STD-109C "Quality Assurance Terms and Definitions", 2 September 1994. Free download
MIL-STD-130L "Identification Marking of U.S. Military Property", 10 October 2003. Free download
MIL-STD-280A "Definition of Item Levels, Item Exchangeability, Models and Related Terms", 7 July 1969 (superseded by MIL-HDBK-505). Free download
MIL-STD-480B "Configuration Control - Engineering Changes, Deviations and Waivers", 15 July 1988 (superseded by MIL-STD-973). Free download
MIL-STD-481B "Configuration Control - Engineering Changes (Short Form), Deviations and Waivers", 15 July 1988 (superseded by MIL-STD-973). Free download
MIL-STD-482A "Configuration Status Accounting Data Elements and Related Features", 1 April 74 (superseded by MIL-STD-973). Free download
MIL-STD-483A "Configuration Management Practices for Systems, Equipment, Munitions and Computer Programs", 4 June 1985. Free download
MIL-STD-490A "Specification Practices", 4 June 1985 (superseded by MIL-STD-961). Free download
MIL-STD-498 "Software Development and Documentation", 5 December 1994. Free download
MIL-STD-499A "Engineering Management", 1 May 1974. Free download
MIL-STD-499B "Engineering Management" (Draft 1993). Free download
MIL-STD-681D "Identification Coding and Application of Hookup And Lead Wire", 19 June 2000. Download 681D and Notice 1
MIL-STD-686C "Cable and Cord, Electrical; Identification Marking and Color Coding of", 28 September 1990. Free download
MIL-STD-961E "Defense and Program-Unique Specifications Format And Content", 1 August 2003. Free download
MIL-STD-963B "Data Item Descriptions (DIDs)", 31 August 1997. Free download
MIL-STD-973 "Configuration Management", 17 April 1992. Free download
MIL-STD-973 (Interim Notice 3) "Configuration Management", 13 January 1995. Free download
MIL-STD-974 "Contractor Integrated Technical Information Service (CITIS)", 20 August 1993. Free download
MIL-STD-1285D "Marking Of Electrical And Electronic Parts", 7 September 2004.  Free download
MIL-STD-1309D "Definitions of Terms for Testing, Measurement and Diagnostics", 12 February 1992. Free download
MIL-STD-1456A "Configuration Management Plan", 11 April 1989 (superseded by MIL-STD-973). Free download
MIL-STD-1465A "Configuration Management of Armaments, Munitions, and Chemical Production Base Modernization", August 1987.  
MIL-STD-1472F "Human Engineering", 23 August 1999. Free download
MIL-STD-1476C "Metric System Application in New Design", 29 January 1996. Free download
MIL-STD-1521B "Technical Reviews and Audits for Systems, Equipments, and Computer Software", 4 June 1985. Download 1521B, Notice 1 and Notice 2
MIL-STD-1528A "Manufacturing Management Program", 9 September 1986. Free download
MIL-STD-1835D "Electronic Component Case Outlines", 1 June 2004. Free download
MIL-STD-1840C "Automated Interchange of Technical Information", 26 June 1997. Free download
MIL-STD-2549 "Configuration Management Data Interface", 30 June 1997. Free download
MIL-STD-13231 "Marking of Electronic Items", 2 November 1999. Free download
MIL-STD-31000 "Standard Practice: Technical Data Packages", 5 November 2009. Free download