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The H-series handbooks describe elements of the US government supply chain:

  • Federal Supply Classification (H2) permits the classification of all items of personal property

  • Commercial and Government Entity Codes (H4/H8) are used to identify organizations

  • Federal Item Name Directory (H6) is published to provide item name data for the development and maintenance of item identifications within the Federal Catalog System.

Other standards of interest:

FAA-STD-021A "Configuration Management (Contractor Requirements)", 6 March 1990. Free download

FAA-STD-060A "Data Standard for the National Airspace System", 4 October 2002. Free download

FAA 1800.8f "National Airspace Configuration Management", 20 May 1991. Free download

FED-STD-376B "Preferred Metric Units for General Use by the Federal Government", 27 January 1993. Free download

"FIIG Availability List" published in conjunction with the "Federal Item Identification Guide (FIIG) for Federal Supply", 7 July 2000. Free download

NPR 7150.2 "NASA Software Engineering Requirements", 27 September 2004. Free download