Identifying your PLM project expenses

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According to AMR Research, in 2004 software license fees represented about 38% of total PLM industry revenue.

Control training, services & maintenance expenses by adopting simpler PLM solutions

Typically, most of the implementation, consulting and training costs are incurred at the beginning of a PLM project, so you may find that these expenses consume more than half of your initial project budget.

In practice, the most cost-effective methods for minimizing project expenses:

  • Emphasize easy to use software   Ensure that your installation, configuration and training costs are as low as possible by choosing the simplest, most user-friendly software that meets your needs. Most reputable vendors will let you try before you buy.

  • PLM will be a big win, so don't over-buy  Minimize configuration consulting and custom development work, principally through avoiding enterprise integration projects that yield only minor productivity improvements.

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