MIL-HDBK-61A: Definitions

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3.2 Acronyms

AA Application Activity

ABL Allocated Baseline

ACD Allocated Configuration Documentation

ACO Administrative Contracting Officer

AECMA Association Europeenne des Construceurs de Materiel Aerospace

AFB [U.S.] Air Force Base

AFM [U.S.] Air Force Manual

AFR [U.S.] Air Force Regulation

AGE Aerospace Ground Equipment

AIA Aeronautical Industry Association

AIS Automated Information System

ALT Alteration Instruction

AMSDL Acquisition Management Systems and Data Requirements Control List

ANSI American National Standards Institute

AR [U.S.] Army Regulation

ARDEC [U.S. Army] Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center

ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASTM American Society for the Testing of Materials

BOM Bill of Materials

CAGE Commercial and Government Entity

CALS Continuous Acquisition and Life-cycle Support

CCB Configuration Control Board, Configuration Change Board

CDCA Current Document Change Authority

CDR Critical Design Review

CDRL Contract Data Requirements List

CFR Code of Federal Regulations

CI Configuration Item

CITIS Contractor Integrated Technical Information Service

CLIN Contract Line Item Number

CM Configuration Management

CMP Configuration Management Plan

CNWDI Critical Nuclear Weapons Design Information

CPIN Computer Program Identification Number

CRYPTO Cryptographic information

CSA Configuration Status Accounting

CSCI Computer Software Configuration Item

DCMC [U.S.] Defense Contract Management Command

DDRS [U.S.] Department of Defense Data Repository System

DED Data Element Definition

DFARS [U.S.] Defense Department Supplement to the Federal Acquisition Regulation

DID Data Item Description

DIN Deutsches Institute fur Normung

DLA [U.S.] Defense Logistics Agency

DoD [U.S.] Department of Defense

DODISS [U.S.] Department of Defense Index of Specifications and Standards

DOE [U.S.] Department of Energy

DOT [U.S.] Department of Transportation

DTIC [U.S.] Defense Technical Information Center

ECN Engineering Change Notice

ECO Engineering Change Order

ECP Engineering Change Proposal

ECS Embedded Computer Software

EDM Enterprise Data Model

EEPROM Electronically Erasable Programmable Read-only Memory

EIA Electronic Industries Association

ELIN Exhibit Line Item Number

Email Electronic mail

FBL Functional Baseline

FCA Functional Configuration Audit

FCD Functional Configuration Documentation

FFT First Flight Test

FSC [U.S.] Federal Supply Class

FSCM [U.S.] Federal Supply Code for Manufacturers

GFD Government-Furnished Documents

GFE Government-Furnished Equipment

GFP Government-Furnished Property

GLAA Government Lead Application Activity

GPLR Government Purpose License Rights

GPO Government Printing Office

GSN Government Serial Number

HEI High Explosive Incendiary

HTML Hypertext Mark-up Language

HWCI Hardware Configuration Item

ICD Interface Control Drawing, Interface Control Documentation

ICWG Interface Control Working Group

IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

IFF Identify Friend or Foe.

IGES Initial Graphics Exchange Specification

IPT Integrated Product Team

IRPOD Individual Repair Part Ordering Data

ISO International Standardization Organization

MACHALT Machinery Alteration

MACHALTINST Machinery Alteration Instruction

MICOM [U.S. Army] Missile Command

MIL-STD Military Standard

MIP Modification Improvement Program

MRB Material Review Board

MS Military Standard

MSN Manufacturer's Serial Number

MWO Modification Work Order

NAS [U.S.] National Aerospace Standard

NASA [U.S.] National Aeronautics & Space Administration

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NAVAIR [U.S.] Naval Air Systems Command

NAVMATINST [U.S.] Naval Materiel Systems Command Instruction

NAVSEA [U.S.] Naval Sea Systems Command

NIIN [U.S.] National Item Identification Number

NIST [U.S.] National Institute of Standards and Technology

NOR Notice of Revision

NSA [U.S.] National Security Agency

NSCM NATO Supply Code for Manufacturers

NSN National Stock Number

NTIS National Technical Information Service

NUCALTINST Nuclear Alteration Instruction

NWS [U.S.] Naval Weapons Station

ORDALTINST Ordnance Alteration Instruction

OSD [U.S.] Office of the Secretary of Defense

OSHA [U.S.] Occupational Safety & Health Agency

PAN Procuring Activity Number

PBL Product Baseline

PCA Physical Configuration Audit

PCD Product Configuration Documentation

PCO Procurement Contracting Officer

PCTSS Provisioning & Cataloging Technical Support System

PDM Product Data Management [System]

PDF Page Description File

PDR Preliminary Design Review

PHST Packaging, Handling, Storage, and Transportation

PIN Part or Identification Number

POC Point of Contact

PROM Programmable Read-only Memory

RAC Rapid Action Change [order]

RFD Request For Deviation

SAE Society of Automotive Engineers

SBIR Small Business Innovative Research

SCN Specification Change Notice

SDR System Design Review

SFR System Functional Review

SGML Standard Generalized Markup Language

SHIPALT Ship Alteration

SHIPALTINST Ship Alteration Instruction

SIE Special Inspection Equipment

SOW Statement of Work

SRR System Requirements Review

SSAN Social Security Account Number

SSR Software Specification Review

STANAG Standard NATO Agreement

STEP Standard for the Exchange of Product model data

TA Tasking Activity

TCTO Time-compliance Technical Order

TD Technical Directive

TDP Technical Data Package

TM Technical Manual

TOPS Technical Order Page Supplement

TPS Test Program Set

U.S. United States [of America]

USAF United States Air Force

VDD [Software] Version Description Document

VECP Value Engineering Change Proposal

VHSIC Very High Speed Integrated Circuit

WINTEL Warning: Intelligence methods and sources disclosed


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