MIL-HDBK-61A: Data Management

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9.3 Data Management Activity Guides

Figure 9-3, which is a diagram of a generic document identification schema, provides guidance in understanding the possible data identification relationships that the Government can expect to see when dealing with a variety of document originating from many different sources. Each document is identified uniquely by the combination of its source, its identifier, and its document type. A document identifier can include a number and a title, or either a number or a title. A numbered document may have a CAGE code, a company name, or an organizational acronym identifying its source. Certain document types are associated with each type of source.

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This section provides details on the actions required to define digital data for delivery to or access by the Government in general, and for configuration management data in particular. With interactive access, the emphasis is on Government access to contractor maintained databases. It is most important to precisely define the requirements for digital data in the Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL). Figure 9-4 and Table 9-1 model and provide explanation of the factors involved in defining a CDRL item for digital data.

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