MIL-HDBK-61A: ECP Management Guide

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D.3 ECP Management Activity Guides.

Activity guides (Tables D-1 and D-2) list the communication necessary to ensure that the Government and contractor expectations of the previous section are satisfied in an efficient and effective manner. Table D-1 relates to the three portions of the ECP processing cycle. The time (duration such as "Four month before....") cited in Table D-1 are approximate; they are provided as examples only. Appropriate time spans for a given product or commodity type will vary considerably based on the nature and complexity of the product and the program.

Table D-2 outlines a meeting. between the Government and contractor. Suggested attendees, an agenda and a check list are provided to assist in carrying out the meeting.

Checklists are provided in

  • Table D-3, Checklist A to assist in preparing written request for ECPs,

  • Table D-4, Checklist B to assist in preparing fully compliant ECPs, and

  • Table D-5, Checklist C to assist in preparing for a coordination meeting.

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